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  • The Western and Chinese aid: Civil society space in Cambodia (journal article)

  • Global production networks and transnational movements in Southeast Asia (journal article)

  • Transnational political-economic structures: Explaining transnational environmental movements in the Mekong region (journal article)

  • Transnational activism under autocracy: Interest groups and nationalism in Cambodia (book chapter)

  • Politics of youth participation in environmental governance in Cambodia (book chapter). 

  • The political economy of media in the political transition in Cambodia (article)

  • China’s globalism in Cambodia: The influence on laws and development (with Matthew Erie)

  • Strategies of political survival of Cambodia’s ruler (journal article)

  • Spiritual resistance in Cambodia: Politics of social media and religion (journal article)

  • Social media and transnational environmental activism in Cambodia (book chapter)

  • Citizenship in Cambodia: A visual narrative (journal article)

  • Aid and social movements in Cambodia (journal article)

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