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Peer-reviewed articles



Organisation without Revolution: Labour Movement and the Failure of Democratisation in Cambodia. Journal of Contemporary Southeast Asia.

I am watching you’: COVID-19, economic crisis, and panopticon of the digital virus in Cambodia. Insights on Southeast Asia/ LSE Southeast Asia Centre. Link to free access.

Internet, Facebook, competing political narratives, and political control in Cambodia. Media Asia. Link to free access 

Citizens of photography: Visual activism, social media, collective resistance in Cambodia. South East Asia Research. Link to free access 


China’s Belt and Road Initiative: Patron-Client and Capture in Cambodia. Journal of Chinese Comparative Law 8(2): 414-434. Link to free access


Social movements in Cambodia: Why they fail or succeed? Journal of International Relations and Development 23 (4): 899–923. Link to free access

Protests, regulations and environmental accountability in Cambodia. Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs 38(1): 33-54. . Link to free access 


Transnational Advocacy Networks in Global Supply Chains: A Study of Civil Society Organisations’ Sugar Movement in Cambodia. Journal of Civil Society 13(1): 35-53. Link to green open access


Movement of Indigenous Communities Targeting an Agro-industry in North-eastern Cambodia. Asian Journal of Social Science 44(1/2): 187-213. (awarded A.F. Davies Prize of the University of Melbourne).


Popular Resistance in Cambodia: Rationale Behind Government Responses. Asian Politics and Policy 8 (4): 593-613.



Contribution of Corporate Social Investment to Livelihoods of Local People in Lao PDR. Georgetown Journal of Asian Affairs 2014(Winter): 28-48.



Local Good Governance of Rural Infrastructure Development Planning: Case Studies of Commune Councils in Cambodia. International Journal of Environmental and Rural Development 2(1): 59-64 (with Ponquan, S.; and Ear, S.)

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