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Prior to my commitment to an academic career, I worked for 10 years in international development as a programme manager, researcher and consultant for international development agencies: the Department for International Development UK, the European Union, the Asian Development Bank, the World Bank, local and international NGOs, governments and private consulting companies in Southeast Asia. I combine research consultancy with on-going academic work.

August -Dec 2020

Team Leader, Asian Development Bank (ADB) and Young Devt & Research Co Ltd

  • Advised ADB and its borrower on the assessment of the environment and social impacts of foreign investments in the energy sector.


July-August 2020 (Intermittent)

Team Leader, United Nations for Development Programme (UNDP).

  • Researched and analysed space of civil society organisations in relation to political development in Cambodia.


Sept 2016 -Nov 2017 (Intermittent)

Researcher (governance specialist), European Union to Laos/Particip GmbH

  • Conducted research on public financial and local governance reform in Lao PDR.Drafted working papers pertaining to the public finance reform in an authoritarian regime.


Aug-Sept 2016

Researcher (land conflict), Mekong Regional Land Governance Program, Lao PDR

  • Researched on land governance and conflict in the Mekong region

  • Wrote report and working papers.


May 2015-May 2016

Researcher (resource governance), WYG International/European Union to Cambodia

  • Framed concepts for the study of macroeconomic and growth context, fiscal and public financial expenditure, sectoral economic policy and national development of the government, institutional assessment and capacity and monitoring and planning system in natural resource governance in the country.


May-August 2012

Researcher (socio-economist), NTU International/European Union to Laos

  • Conducted research on socio-economic development of agrarian society in northern uplands of Laos PDR

  • Wrote report and suggest recommendations for program and policy formulation.



Researcher (socio-economist), TEAM Consulting Co. Ltd (Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Thailand).

  • Provided technical assistance and research on the social and environmental impact of large-scale foreign investment in natural resources in the Mekong region.


Apr-Aug 2008

Capacity Building & Quality Manager/Program Manager, Habitat for Humanity International

  • Provided technical capacity of program development for various programs including urban resettlement and conflicts, housing development, water and sanitation and housing for urban poor communities.


June 2006-April 2008

Senior Program Officer, Ockenden International UK

  • Managed integrated rural development projects (rural livelihoods, food security, natural resource management, farming and agriculture) Cambodia.


Apr 2006-Apr 2008

Researcher, UN-Habitat (Phnom Penh)

  • Developed research planning/design and research budget planning, developing a questionnaire to evaluate the participatory method to produce lesson learnt of urban poverty reduction 

  • Analysed data by using SPSS, data interpretation and write reports.


Jan-June 2003

Researcher, Culture and Environment Preservation Association (Cambodia) 

  • Develop a research questionnaire, collecting/households survey analysed data and produced report about natural resource conflicts.

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